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Convening session.

The Adolescent Health and Nutrition Initiative (AHANI) India is a unique initiative that aims to garner the support of adolescents, public and private sector organizations and work collectively to better the adolescent health scenario in India. 
The objectives of this initiative are to Build a sustainable multi-sectoral network of organizations interested in promotion of adolescent health- both mental and physical, to contribute to the development of innovative tools and technologies towards capacity building of organizations in the domain of adolescent health and to publish reviews and recommendations on adolescent health gaps in India and policy papers on potential solutions. 
Our school is privileged and obliged to get the chance to attend a convening session on 6th of April 2019 at Indian habitat centre, New Delhi.  
Dr. Nomita Chandhlok, Consultant scientist and former Sr. DDG (RBMCH) welcomed everyone and we were pleased to get introductory remarks by Dr. Damodar BACHANI, Dy. Project Director JSI and former Dy. Commissioner MOHFW, Govt. of India. 
Dr. Zoya Ali Rizvi, Asst Commissioner, MOHFW gave everyone a speech on Health initiatives for Adolescents. Our students also got to know about Govt. of India’s strategy for NCD control explained by Dr. Chinmoyee Das, DADG (NCD) MOHFW, GOI. It was a different experience all together to know about such facts. 
Dr. Terry Vandenhoek, Professor at University of Illinois Chicago- School of medicine, USA, talked about CHAMPIONS Network school health program in Chicago,USA. 
Our students were awarded as Health Champions.  Gratefully our teachers – Ms. Varsha Yadav and Ms. Vaishali Yadav and students from grade 8 and 9 – Aarab, Ambika, Vishakha, Lakshay, Gaurav, Muskan were also a part of panel discussion. 

Abacus activity by grade 2 students

Abacus is one of the world’s oldest and powerful mathematical tools. It is used to calculate arithmetic function with the help of beads and frames. 
Our grade 2 students had an activity based on numbers till 100 where they used Abacus conducted by their teacher – Ms. Richa.  
The students were given the 3 digit numbers using number flash cards and they had to show the digits on Abacus. Each and every child actively participated and it was fun to learn maths through Abacus. 
The students learnt the concept of ones, tens and hundreds. This activity helped in enhancing their thinking and gross motor skills as they had to arrange the beads within limited time. 
We in DWPS, believe in encouraging young minds to learn such concepts that will infinitely ease their relationship with mathematics as a subject, change the way their brains shape a problem, improve their memory and problem-solving speeds.