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Delhi Public World School Aravali is committed to provide a state-ol-the-art education, incorporating Indian values and world culture. Its vision is to create global citizens who will be the torch hearers of a dynamic and harmonious world.

The school aims to nurture the educational needs of sindenis in every learningseemn io, prepare them for real-1 ife situations, hone their skills and compel,encies to achieve the highest p oLenUal and bring forth the multidimensional aspect of their personalities in it multi-cultural society. Thus, the school is committed to prepare a work force of leaders who can deal with the challenges of tomorrow without compromising with their values, humaneness, respect and tolerance towards the community and beyond,


To prepare students as divergent and convergent thinkers, stimulate their learning and inspire them to thinking deeply. Delhi Public World School Aravali strives to instill in each child a sense of inquisitiveness and exploration, an urge for experimentation, observation and synthesis. We endeavor to tree the learning process From the confines of the four walls of classrooms and make it a long lasting learning experience through a variety of activities workshops, resource centers, laboratories, library, etc.

We emphasize on 'teach less and learn more'. Students learn by participating in various inter-class/inter-house and extra-curricular activities by joining various sports Or club activities Nut further enhance their personality building greater self-esteem. Students are encouraged to inculcate the values of citizenry, a commitment to good health, high values and sensitivity towards a green and sate environment. We strive to guide and support students throughout the journey of learning.

Concern for environment

Delhi Public World School Aravali believes that we owe a greener future to the next generation. This commitment to sustainable and responsible development is upheld at every step of the way in the school. It is systematically observed in practices we embody such as rain-water harvesting and recycling of waste. Our staff members are initiated to foster a culture of green thinking at every level. Effort is made at every point to sensitise students towards the environment through practical and stimulating activities.

The thoughtful management and consumption of natural resources within the school campuses – be it air, energy, food, land, water, educational tools & resources and waste, is encouraged. Students are made acutely aware of the importance and urgency of adopting a greener attitude in everything they do. As ambassadors of a better tomorrow, they are encouraged to ideate and innovate new ideas that can help our planet become greener, and spread the word in their communities. In particular, they are encouraged to explore concepts of solar cells and storage of energy in labs, and implement projects on recycling and waste management.


The guiding philosophy at Delhi Public World School Aravali
● Teaching and learning to shift away from rote methods
●Curriculum to be enriched enough to go beyond textbooks teach less to learn more
●Opportunities to be created to enhance the ability of children to link learned knowledge to life outside the school.
●Active combination of challenging and enriching experiences with academic rigor and creative opportunities
●Examinations to be more flexible and integrated with classroom life
● Classroom experience is directed towards becoming good citizens with a sense of equality and compassion

Our Goals

Delhi Public World School Aravali ensures that students are provided with high-quality learning experiences that lead to a consistently high level of achievement by creating an effective and well-managed learning environment in which the individual needs of each child are met. Teaching is centered on the learning process of the individual child, with the learning of basic skills as one of school’s most important goals.